Swarm of Micro Flying Robots, the largest 3D printed building in the world, laundry robot & more. The week's visionaries.



Brightseed identifies hidden compounds in plants that can impact health and then brings these bioactive to market across industries at a rate that was previously impossible.


Yangqu dam


China is using artificial intelligence to effectively turn a dam project on the Tibetan Plateau into the world’s largest 3D printer, according to scientists involved in the project.




Ikea opened a new flagship store in the city of Vienna, the structure consists of stacked 32-by-32-foot glass-walled pods. The seven-story structure is also home to a rooftop terrace that’s open to the public, a café, a hostel on the upper two floors, and a collection of huge potted plants on each floor.The 60,000-square-foot store takes the sustainable agenda a step further with solar panels and hyperefficient heating and cooling.


Carbon clean

carbon clean

Carbon Clean, a startup focused on capturing harmful factory emissions before they enter the atmosphere aims to carry out “industrial decarbonization on a gigatonne scale by the mid-2030s". Its latest tech the CycloneCC is 10 times smaller than conventional point-of-source carbon capture equipment and has the potential to cut average costs roughly in half, to around $30 per tonne. Small enough to fit inside a shipping container, the CycloneCC takes in flue gases, absorbs the CO2 via liquid chemicals known as amine scrubbers, and then boils off the CO2 for storage, say, underground.


China’s Zhejiang University


Scientists have unveiled a drone swarm capable of navigating through a dense bamboo forest without human guidance.The group of 10 palm-sized drones communicate with one another to stay in formation, sharing data collected by on-board depth-sensing cameras to map their surroundings.


Volta Trucks

Volta trucks

Volta Trucks is a company which manufactures and provides services for zero-emissions electric trucks specially built for last miles deliveries in big city centers.


University of Bologna and Electrolux


Researchers have recently developed a new robotic system that could assist humans with one of their most common everyday chores, doing laundry. This system was successfully trained to insert items and pick them up from the washing machine once a washing cycle is complete.

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    So cool! I love your updates Nicolas, thanks for sharing. The 3D-printer-damn in China is something I wouldn't ever have imagined.

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      Thank you for the support!

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    I love these, keep doing them!

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      Will do, thank you!

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    Swarming/Swarm Intelligence is certainly a revolutionary new idea that will impact several industries like robotics, agriculture, defense and medicine.

    Swarm technology allows us to gather responses from various objects independently and then computing all the answers as a whole to a solution that best corresponds to our given problem.

    Thank you for sharing.

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      Agreed. Swarm technologies are a genuine revolution in technology and we are only at infancy stage. So much more is to come from this advent. Thank you for the insight!

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    Thanks for brightening up the day Nicolas with these clever updates. Keep it up 🙏.

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    Really appreciate these updates Nic ! These innovations really demonstrate the potential of the human imagination and ingenuity. Super dope !

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