SWE looking to team up with embedded/automotive engineer

This might be a long-shot because it's pretty niche but here it goes.

Some background about me:
I am a software engineer based in CA, USA with about 6 years industry experience. Currently, I work within the Data Science space but my interests and past experience kind of run the gamut.

What I'm looking for:
I'm open to meeting different people, but for this specific business the person I have in mind would have an embedded, automotive, or hardware engineering background.

What is the idea?:
In my spare time I spend a lot of time in the car "scene" and similarly have also started a Turo business for some passive income recently. This is relevant because I feel that I have identified a gap in the car sharing/car accessory market. In a nutshell, the product I envision would interface with vehicles via the ODB port to facilitate fleet management through proprietary software we would create together. I am comfortable on the software side, but the aspect of reverse engineering manufacturer protocols, and developing embedded electronics would be new for me, so that is likely where I would need the most help.

What it is not:
This is not an idea for the next unicorn, but I do think with a concerted effort of just a few months we could carve out a nice niche in what is a pretty large market.

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    Hello @voice_founder. I don't have experience in the Automotive industry but I'm an Electronics Engineer by formal training and have 5yrs experience designing hardware and writing software for embedded systems. If that suits what you're looking then I would be interested in partnering up for this idea.

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      Absolutely, thanks for replying. Sending you an email now.

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