Technical founder with MVP seeking marketing partner

I have a product. It's called Keenforms. It's a form builder with a no code rules engine.

Keenforms - forms made smarter

The rules engine makes the form builder more powerful, it does things that an ordinary form builder can't. I'd be happy to give you more detail. You can create an account for free. I have a video explaining how to create a form that does calculations;

youtube calculator tutorial

Here's a form I built for one of my customers;

Chicago Butcher Block counter top estimation form

The form above has very complicated rules to generate an estimate for a custom butcher block top. This form would be at best very difficult to generate with a regular form builder, if not outright impossible.

Here's my challenge; I'm a programmer that has a full time job. I work on my product during evenings and weekends. I've done a little promotion here and there but I could use a partner. This is being bootstrapped, I'm not interested in the paid ads route. The form builder space is very crowded. However if I can generate enough content detailing why my product is different, and find the right places to share it, I am very confident this can succeed.

This isn't some pipe dream or vaporware. This product is beyond the MVP. If you are interested please reach out to connect. Thanks.

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    Hey keenforms ,Are you searching for somebody you're going to pay to or you want to share an equity? Anyway, I've compiled an article on the topic of "How to Find a Great Marketing Co-Founder" few weeks ago. Feel free to take a look: https://spacetime.ooo/how-to-find-a-great-marketing-co-founder/

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    Does this make your buying audience different from say jotform / tally? I understand that you make it more powerful but curious if it changes the buyer persona.

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      So it does - I'd say the target audience is anyone whose had an experience with a form builder that left them frustrated. It's a more educated buyer. I've met a few people who have talked about their frustration with their form builder.

      So for example a lot of form builders have what is called a calculated field. However you can only set the value of that input once. And very few form builders allow for conditional calculations and validations. JotForm is one of the very few that can do conditional input value setting.

      However you cannot set that value more than once, which is a problem if you want to get an estimate for a price, and you want to apply a discount or upcharge conditionally. Also it's very hard or impossible to control the order of operations.

      That's why Keenforms is different. The rules engine gives you control over those elements. Control over order of operations, conditional calculations, dynamic text and HTML, multi step operations (setting a value more than once) these are just some of the reasons I built this Keenforms. I'd be happy to tell you more about it if you are interested.

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        Lets do it, will ping you an email

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    I have years digital marketing experience and i am interested in this

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    Before you go all-in with a marketing partner, it may be wise to find out if they’re a good fit.

    Consider hiring a marketing coach first, and ask for a few (ongoing?) video chat sessions to go over what you’re doing and suggest what needs to be done next.

    That being said, I am interested in hiring a marketing coach! Maybe you and I could book our appointments back to back and make it easier for someone to help us both out? 😁

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      +1 on this, I think most people who identify themselves as marketers would mean they ran FB ads. If someone claims to be a growth hacker, run away :)

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      I totally agree with this. We should connect. Would love to hear about your experience with your app.

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        This comment was deleted 18 days ago.

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