The Decoy Effect: How you can increase sales by changing one tiny thing with your pricing plan

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    I didn't know about the newspaper 'decoy' but I've heard the popcorn one loads of times and always point this out to my partner when we go to the cinema. It doesn't make me very popular, haha. I'm surprised people still fall for it tbh. But while they are still falling for it then businesses should definitely utilise it more.

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    I think there are many subtleties in deal making and if you feel you have any gaps, I can recommend taking Sales training. I believe that expert help will really be the most effective way to improve the closing process and increase conversion rates. This is a challenge for many salespeople, and these training programmes can help with that.

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    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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    Very interesting gonna try it on my saas pricing

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    Super interesting, thanks for sharing !

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    I will just say: WOW

    my mind is blown, and I am not kidding...

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    I think decoy Effect varies from company to company or product to product. What if we need only one thing and that relates to option B? Why should I waste my money? I don't think so now a days people fall for such pricing plan. We have chat box and support available where they directly ask you for the custom plan or what things they need.

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    Yup! Marketing 101. We always like to think we're getting a good deal.

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