This is so cool. Transform your blog post into a beautiful Carousel with just one click with AI

I'm really excited to see what you guys think. With other tools, you have to copy/paste each tweet. But with this, you can simply paste an entire Twitter thread or a blog post, and that's it! The AI even selects the right number of slides automatically.

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    Сool blend of creativity and technology that could potentially revolutionize content presentation.

    However, I believe the success of this tool hinges on two critical factors:

    Variability: The tool needs to offer a diverse range of design options. If the designs are limited or repetitive, it could deter users from utilizing the tool frequently. A broad array of visually appealing and unique designs would ensure that the tool caters to a wide range of aesthetic preferences and keeps users engaged.

    Consistency and Transparency: The tool should handle any text effectively. If specific requirements or limitations exist, these should be clearly communicated to the users to avoid any confusion or frustration. The last thing a user would want is to spend time tweaking their text to fit the tool's requirements, defeating the purpose of a one-click solution.

    Good luck with the launch!

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      thank you! There are many options to choose from. At the end of the video, I simply press the randomize button to showcase different design outcomes.

      When it comes to consistency and transparency, there is a clearly defined character limit. The issue with consistency is similar to any AI language model at the moment. Sometimes the outcome might not be perfect, and users have to try again.

      In the future, I want to add more advanced options so users can customize the prompt even further and minimize the chance of an outcome that is not what they desire.

      The feature is now live btw! https://www.aicarousels.com/

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    I see a lot of them on linkedin so maybe this should be worth a try 👍 Can you also export this as PDF?

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      Yes, you can set the carousel type. LinkedIn gives you a PDF, Instagram feed and Instagram Stories gives you a series of JPG files.

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    I really love this idea ! (maybe because I did try to create carousels for my photographer's Instagram account in Sketch and it takes me quite some time to produce it) Played around with the editor, it's very smooth! really impressive, hope you have a successful launch!

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    You can also crawl the website automatically and let the user do it in one click

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