Too busy to do the things I love or am I just prioritizing the wrong things?

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    Being organized has helped me...
    If I put things on my calendar, I have usually found more success in devoting time to what I love.
    Let's say it's a Sunday and I want to make time for my startup ( which is yet to start). On weekdays I won't be able to dedicate much time as I would be currently working with a company.
    So on a Sunday I would fix my schedule. For example: 6 am wake up. 7-9am Workout. 9-10am Shower, Breakfast etc
    10am-12pm - Family time. 12pm-1pm - Meet a network related to startup
    1pm-4pm - Work on startup etc.
    If you lack self discipline ( like me) please ask a supportive family member to manage your calendar and ensure that you do things as per plan.
    Having said that, the plan does not always work to the T. In that case, just like any other office meeting, you can shift your calendar meeting to a future time.

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    I can 100% identify with this. I spent a long time putting effort into progressing in my career just to realise it's not what I wanted and wasn't fulfilled. Being an IH now makes me feel good as I'm following my passion, something I said I was too busy to do for a long time. I think partly it was fear but one day you wake up and say f**k fear, I just need to do this.

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    I have some things I've been clinging to, as I considered them important at some point and never stopped to think and reevaluate if that's still the case. Saying "Im too busy" had become my life motto, but busy and fulfilled are two different things. We change as people and our values change too. It's fine to put a lot of effort into building the company you work for, but if you feel it no longer serves you, take the time to reevaluate where you are. The moment you drop (or lower the intensity of) something, you make space for new things. I wish you all the best with your projects and congratulations on the anniversary!

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    I'm in the same boat still young and not married yet, but I do feel I'm neglecting my side projects and putting them to a side, and I've been doing that for years; sometimes because I fear to be behind in my career and other times its just pure procrastination.

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    I do hedging all the time. At this point (at the end on university) I have 3 things going on. The university, a job and my indiehacker project. It's difficult to balance everything and I'm putting a lot of effort into learning to do less. To become lean.

    I've been a perfectionist all my life and now I see that it has pulled me down for so long. I underestimated the 80:20 Pareto principle for too long. It's really surprising how productive and healthier you can feel by doing much much less.

    I can recommend Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and Essentialism by Greg McKeown. Both touch on this topic from different contexts.

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    I have so many ideas and I feel I jump from one to another instead on focusing on a single thing

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    I think a lot of people go through this same thinking pattern at some point. Whether they love their job or not you can still feel like work is taking over your life. A moment of clarity is all it takes to realise you've been focusing on the wrong things. This is exactly how I felt 6 months ago. Shortly after I quit my job and became an entrepreneur. Now that's not the right path for everyone but assessing what really matters to you and making time to put that first is so important to our mental health and wellbeing.

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