Two Sales/SEO guys looking for a project

Hi everyone!

My business partner Felix and I are looking for a project to join and help out with Sales, E-Commerce, Marketing and SEO.

It has been quite some time since I’ve started looking for co-founders. Now I’ve finally found Felix - a highly motivated and bright guy around my age. We’ve started working together IRL in Münster, Germany. Plus, we have signed a contract for a mutual flat starting December 1st where we plan to hustle and live together.

We’re currently doing market research. As part of our research, we’re cold calling businesses to find out pain points in their working life that could be improved with software.

However, if you have a project that we could join, this could be a great opportunity for us as well, especially if we’re interested in the project.

Profile of Felix:

  • Several years experience as SEO manager
  • Experience with Cold Calling & Sales
  • Worked for online companies all his life

Profile of Moritz:

  • Bootstrapped an e-commerce business for digital goods (USP: mobile phone payments) for 12 years; at its peak 1.5 million € revenue in a year, 70.000 registered customers, and successfully sold the business
  • Creative ideas/hacks - that's how my last business flourished

I believe the advantage of working with us is that you have two people who are working together in real life, sitting together in the same physical location. This means we have a lot of energy going on between each other. We got a lot of motivation. And… WE GET SHIT DONE.

If you’re interested in working together, send me an e-mail!


  • I'm especially interested in SaaS projects, though I'm also happy to hear about any other project.
  • If I'm going to join a project, I don't want to be there just to grow sales. Just like any proper co-founder, I want the feeling that I'm co-owning the project. Meaning: Next to a proper share in the project, I want to decide together with the other founder(s) which features are going to be developed, make design decisions, come up with new features, et cetera. I want to be involved in those things that capture my interest.
  • Don't worry, if we are a fit, we can always do a test project to see how well we work together.
  • The two of us are currently working together for 2 days / week. Once Felix has sorted out everything with his employer, we might increase to 3 days / week. We'll go full-time once we make money / there's an opportunity we don't want to miss.
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    Hi guys!
    I'm Vasyl, a web developer from Ukraine.
    I launched Vollna.com 2 years ago

    The product is validated and has proven sales, however, I can't grow revenue. I see the potential of the product, and there is a huge opportunity to make it profitable.

    I'm a dev-person, who focuses more on the technical part of the product, and all marketing-related tasks, working with customers, and writing valuable text are freaking hard for me.

    Looking for a team who can join Vollna, and bring the product to the next level.
    if you're interested in a long-term partnership, being part of the product, bringing new ideas, work together to make it success business - I'd love to discuss it. I'm open to discussing % of product share that you can get from the revenue if we'll able to make it profitable.


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      Hi Vasyl,
      thanks for coming to us with your project. We like that it is validated, you have a really good design and what's left is "just" to bring the project to the next level. But unfortunately, we're not that interested in your business idea/case, so we would prefer to continue with our market research (we made some positive progress with that). Cheers.

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    Hey Moritz & Felix,

    Would love to chat more to pitch my newest idea which is a SaaS. I’m also from Germany which would make communication quite easy :p

    1. 1

      Hi Tim, let us know your availability for a call. Do you have time on Tuesday or Thursday next week?

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    Hi Moritz Hofmann,

    I'm Raja, a web and mobile app developer.

    I could use your sales experience for my business.

    I need leads for my business. If you can help me get leads for my business, I'll give you a 20% commission for every lead that converts.

    My potential clients would be any business that needs a website or Mobile app to grow their business.

    You can cold call, cold email, message on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, or even message in any online forum like IndieHackers, that's your wish. You bring me a converting prospect, you get your commission.

    A lot of people fail to do this job but when you said, "We got a lot of motivation. And… WE GET SHIT DONE."
    I get the confidence that you can do it.

    If you are interested, reply to this, and we can discuss the terms and get started.

    1. 1

      Hey Raja. Thanks for reaching out to us. We already emailed you regarding your request.

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    Do you guys have a preference? I am a part of startup studio and we have a few products in a pipeline ranging from tools for developers to beta test to social networks for university

    1. 1

      Hey Michael. We have slightly edited our post to reflect that we're favoring SaaS-projects. However, we're also welcoming other ideas.

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    Hey Moritz! I am Tim and very happy to read this post, you two sound exactly like the guys I am looking for :)

    I have been working on Grepp - The library of things lately, it is, as the name says, a service where you can rent the items of everyday life for short periods within 2 hours of delivery time (at least that is the goal). The prototype for the app is about to be complete soon, I am in contact with many German foundations to get the finances and support rolling, currently aiming at EXIST, since there will be a lot of data science involved.

    Feel free to check out the website https://grepp.de
    I also posted on a job board two weeks ago, find the post here https://www.stellenwerk.de/dortmund/jobboerse/grepp-die-bibliothek-der-dinge-sucht-nach-verstaerkung-221107-122477/

    Hoping to hear from you soon :)

    1. 2

      Hi Tim. Thank you for writing! We will be focusing on different project opportunities for now. Nevertheless, we still wish you all the best for grepp.de

      1. 1

        Thanks for letting me know and all the best to you too! :)

    2. 1

      @Lyb Hi, Hope you are well! Are you looking for help with SEO?

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    ZACK here I am the CEO of https://criov.com/ development agency . Our developers has been powerful iOS and Android applications Design solutions since 2019

    its been 2 months now and as we are growing we wanna grow our team if you are interested you can book a meet with us

    1. 1

      Hey Zack, I'll go with Moritz on this one. But thanks for reaching out to us!

    2. 1

      Hi Zack, I'm already the German representative of an e-commerce development agency. I have known the owners for 13 years now, I know that they deliver superb products and I have hired them myself for a couple of years. So I think I have to turn you down (can't speak for Felix though).

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