Unbundling Report #001 - r/DevOps - Lite edition

Let’s take a look at what is going on in r/DevOps. Dev Ops engineers are talking, but what are they really telling us?

I have read 100 Reddit submissions and qualified their actions and motivations one by one to get a clearer picture.

Read the report below to find out how you can engage with this audience, and unlock new business opportunities.

Unbundling Report

Vote for the next subreddit to unbundle!

  • Comment below the r/something you want to be unbundled
  • You have until October 31st
  • The sub the most commented will be the sub unbundled for November
  • If you tweet about this report and mention @unbundlereddit - your vote counts twice!
  1. 4

    Great report, I appreciate the work that's gone into it!

    I'd be curious to unbundle r/SaaS, it's a small but engaged community with tons of good content and IMO lots of business opportunities.

    1. 1



      This counts as a vote for r/SaaS!

  2. 2

    Great read thanks !
    My vote goes to r/museumOfReddit, it is a very unique sub with very few allowed posts, that are supposed to catalogue impactful moments of Reddit's history

    1. 1

      Got it! Your vote for r/museumOfReddit is in!

      Tweet about the report to make double!

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