Unbundling Report #002 - r/SaaS - Premium edition (Free)

Note: I am late for this November edition 😅, this is why the Premium edition is free this month! Enjoy!

What is going on in r/SaaS? Who are they? What do they talk about? What do they like?

This report brings you user discovery to get closer to validating your product ideas. You will also learn how you can talk to them without being banned from the sub, by driving authentic conversations on the topics highlighted.

I have read 100 Reddit submissions and qualified their actions and motivations one by one to get a clearer picture.

Read the report below to discover how you can engage with this audience and unlock new business opportunities.

Table of content

  1. The sub
  2. The people
  3. The actions
  4. The motivators
  5. The loves
  6. The debates
  7. The hates
  8. The mods
  9. The nuggets
  10. 3 tips to engage
  11. 3 recommendations about business opportunities

Unbundling Report

Vote for the following subreddit to unbundle!

  • Comment below the r/something you want to be unbundled
  • Vote is open for 48 hours
  • The sub the most commented will be the sub unbundled for December
  • If you tweet about this report and mention @unbundlereddit - your vote counts twice!
  1. 5

    Hell yes I love free stuff!

    Thanks a lot for that :)

    I'm quite suprised about the traction that some posts managed to get, I guess believed wrongly that it was a sub about self promotion with very little meaningful exchanges.

    I've noticed that r/SideProject sometimes gets quite a bit of traction for some entrepreneurs also,

    so here is my vote: r/SideProject

    1. 3

      You're welcome! It'll be interesting to have a look at this sub, indeed! Let see how the voting goes!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. 2

    Done! Next will be on r/SideProject!

  3. 2

    😅 My own suggestion for the next sub:

    • r/web3
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