We launched in TikTok; here is the initial view-count

Hey folks,

We just launched Terra in TikTok, and I was impressed by the number of impressions we got by posting for the first time within a single day.

So I decided to post it here for fellow indie hackers.

  • 1st video: 539 views
  • 2nd video: 535 views
  • 3d video: 575 views
  • 4th video: 545 views

This comes with 0 followers, so TikTok's reach outside your circle is powerful.


Since many people asked, I made another post here, testing if TikTok inflates the first views from a new account

[Update 2]
Here's a comparison between TikTok and Youtube shorts

  1. 1

    That's interesting, but our of curiosity, did any conversion come out of it ?

    1. 1

      just started it, so ask me again in a month :)

  2. 1

    Great, But Tiktok got banned in India

  3. 1

    Since I don't use TikTok. Out of curiosity, what exactly does "launching" on TikTok mean? Does it mean paid advertisements or making content? I honestly have no idea how TikTok works.

    1. 1

      haha same here - i never used it before, someone told me it works so I thought of trying it. Basically I mean that I made an account, and posted a few videos there :)

  4. 1

    Nice one! TikTok has been working pretty nicely for me as well, way better than Instagram (which is doing basically nothing for me without followers). YouTube Short is also not bad for some videos

    1. 1

      I will test the youtube short, thanks!

      but yeah, it seems like TikTok's reach Outside of your follower circle is strong

  5. 1

    Great job on launching on TikTok! It's always exciting to see those initial view counts come in. Keep up the hard work and keep us updated on your progress. Can't wait to see where this takes your business!

    1. 1

      thank you!

      I'm uploading for the next 5 days too, and will update again how the views change!

  6. 1

    That's super interesting! Do you think TikTok is artificially boosting posts from new accounts to create a positive feedback loop, or is the organic reach just that impressive on the platform?

    1. 2

      I experimented with TikTok over the weekend. I heard the same and wanted to test it.

      My results:

      • 10 videos
      • All the same format
      • The first video we launched has 2x more views than the 2nd highest viewed video
      1. 1

        Fascinating! I wonder if there's an "optimal" posting strategy to keep the app drip-feeding you views? Followers seem less important on this platform, since the all-mighty algorithm seems to pick and choose its stars at will. Maybe the platform is too smart for this, but now I'm wondering if a constant stream of new accounts is more effective at organic reach than trying to build up any single one?

        1. 1

          "I'm wondering if a constant stream of new accounts is more effective at organic reach than trying to build up any single one?"

          Bet that's probably against their TOS though, right?

          I don't think that would be a good idea.

          Based on a quick scan of accounts over the weekend, it looked like a lot made 200 videos before they started to see a real meaningful change in viewership.

          I would just roll up my sleeves slowly test different content/intros/settings.

    2. 2

      It did for me at least, after 4-5 vids my views went down to 200-300

      1. 1

        Same - after our 6th video the views went from 200-300 to ~20

        1. 1

          yep - same happened to me too. The first five get a lot of views, the rest go lower.

          1. 1

            And I did a full experiment here which proves it!

    3. 1

      Yes, it does! I made a full experiment about it here

    4. 1

      I cant tell! I will keep posting for about a month, and then revisit the amount of impressions we get, to make the comparison :)

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