We launched on Apr 2 & scaled to a $1M sale by May 8

On April 4th, Qribe launched Ella®, a customer analytics platform. A week later, sales started coming in. By May 8th, we'd scaled to a $1M monthly revenue. Technically, we used Ella® to scale Ella® by spying on our biggest competitors & sending messages to their paying customers.

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    Do you have any proof? Very hard to believe you hit $1,000,000 in MRR in a month.

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      Mhm, I really doubt this is true. The only backlink to this site is this post.

      I'll have to report this post.

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      Bro, the site says no registrations and no subscriptions, which I believe that's another rare value that companies see in the product. Also, the poster never mentioned an MRR, it says monthly revenue from sales. If there are no signups or subscriptions, how did you come up with MRR?

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        A week later, sales started coming in. By May 8th, we'd scaled to a $1M monthly revenue.

        It literally says $1M monthly revenue, not $1M revenue.

        Even if this was just revenue, very unlikely (impossible) they went from 0 to $1M.

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    Why does indiehackers allow posts like this, and features them on the homepage. It's just bizarre and clearly untrue.

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    I have already reported this post because all I see here is scamming, rambling, and spitting nonsense. There is also evidence of sockpuppeting and astroturfing, with multiple fake accounts being used. There is nothing helpful or informative that can benefit others. If anyone else believes this post is manipulative, deceptive, or misleading, please report it so that it can be taken down. Otherwise, I am open to having a healthy discussion with this community.

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    This is actually interesting, can you tell us how you start and running to 1M?

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    It's like Twitter :D

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      LOL. Many new accounts here. Shame.

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    I think founders should be nice to each other and learn from folks with rare information that could benefit the rest. Calling a founder like you scammer, liar, etc, is not cool at all.

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      Creating a new account just to post this? Really? I'd say nice try, but no thanks. Many of us aren't new and can easily detect something fishy. Unless you can provide believable proof, it's hard to trust your shady business. We'd appreciate some clarifications regarding your website, qarrington.com, and your YouTube channel banjodeiyowun3474.

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      Just exactly what I was thinking. A lost of startup founders wonder why they fail, yet they don't know why. If my company had data that others don't have, I'd price it high, sell to companies that can afford it, and forget about website traffic.

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        This is also a new account.

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    how do you gather this much information on companies and customers?

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    A great success! Could you show the advantages of Ella compared to the competitors? I think a lot of customers have a big migration cost, how you guys to persuade them?

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    The internet only favors the extreme and punish the morons. Plus, the fact that you guys never stop commenting is actually helping the post remain on top, which has been the case all day. If you really think something doesn't fit your description of reality, why would anyone educate you on their success secret when you literally spend your day spreading hate and then complaining your post isn't getting any tractions.

    The fact that you keep commenting might actually be turning into sales for the poster. This is just outrageous. Obviously, merely scanning the comments, many of you don't believe the results, while many do. If you're not doing your own homework because you're so busy trolling others and spreading hate, don't blame the internet for that because the internet is not cruel. And surely, don't blame IH either.

    Ain't nobody gonna help you achieve such an amazing results.

    Be nice or just leave IH if something is not working for you.

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    People spend more time trolling than talking to their own customers.

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    Fake fake fake.

    Creating backlinks for seo

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    Hard to believe and hard not to believe at the same time. People are weird.

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      The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it

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    Funny, people fight to relieve some sort of pains.

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    I would recommend others to thoroughly do their due diligence before committing to anything that could benefit a scammer.

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    $1 M monthly revenue is...a lot....even levelio can not do that with all his contact...

    I'm starting to understand that the title of thread with the more fishy title arrives in the top position in indiehackers, and it's annoying because I'm missing much more interesting content.

    Anyway, about your product, can you explain your marketing strategy to help other indiehackers. I mean, $1M in 2 months, it's so great

    Also, I was interested to use your tool for outreach, but I do not get it.
    For example, let's say I want to know all the non-paying consumers of my competitor (for example semrush.com), basically, you will list all the people on hearth that are not using semrush ?

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    I also would like to know how this complies with GDPR and similar regulatory bodies in several jurisdictions. Besides that, this sounds like a relly awesome tool.

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    How do you deal with privacy law?

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    Just what an awesome success.

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    Is that luck or hard work?

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