What are you working on? 🤔👇

Hey! What are you working on?

SaaS product? E-commerce brand? Blog? E-book?

Share it below 👇 I'd love to see it! 😄

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    Marketing my product! here it is


    For me this is super hard, I had no knowledge of how to generate trafic to the landing page, but it's a continuous process of learning 🙆🏻‍♀️

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      Nice! It certainly is.

      I found a post recently on IH that lists a load of different places to launch your product on, might be worth taking a look at:


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        Wooow, thanks man! I appreciate it 🔥

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    Working on https://extenDM.com - receive Twitter DMs in your email.

    I read this question from a Twitter DMs poweruser that triggered my "I totally understand and want to build this" itch. So first version that emails you when there's a new DM is working. Testing myself now and ready to invite first few Alfa testers.

    Next steps are filters, send DM from email reply and what fits best with customers.

    Working to a paid version with 7day trial

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    I'm toying with this: https://daydots.app

    It was actually inspired by this post by @channingallen where I became of interstitial journaling. I started IJ as a result and have found it very beneficial. However, even using something like Obsidian with additional plugins, there is more automation/features I want around the process.

    I haven't actually built it yet, but figured it might be useful to others too. This is my attempt to find out.

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    Currently building a side marketing product


    Now working on “fullscreen mode”

    Plan to add some sort of url commands like


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    A no-code waitlist page builder for indie developers and startups looking to gain traction before launch.

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      The link isn’t working?

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        Hey there Ooshimus 👋, are you still having trouble accessing the link? If so, would you mind reaching out to us @WaitlistToday? We're making improvements to the site daily, and truly appreciate your patience as we ramp up 🙏🏻

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      I wanted to do a similar thing after looking for a way to collect just some emails on my site quickly.

      Do you think people would just use things like Mailchimp instead?

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        Hey Lightkun, no doubt folks will continue using Mailchimp, etc as well. Our focus remains to let makers create these waitlist landing pages blazingly fast. We just launched a "Try it" feature on the landing page so you can play around with it.

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          I wanted to use this but I already had my own landing page made.. If you could just do the form bit without all the bloat that Mailchimp comes with I would use it every time!

          But it is looking good and easy to use. Good job!

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            That's awesome! We'll try to be ready for the next time you need a landing page. And like you said, the world of landing pages definitely could do without the bloat 👍🏼

            Mind if we quote your feedback on our page?

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              Sure if it helps :)

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    At the moment I am putting a lot of focus on Stack Diary to attract new clients for freelance work. I think, eventually, I will switch my focus to go back to full-time blogging and see where it leads me.

    Already made and sold an extremely successful blog in the past, though the new owners didn't take good care of it. So, I feel naturally inclined to do it again. I don't think I will sell this time, though.

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    Working on https://dynamic-qr.de

    We have invited the first users for our private beta and are currently working on the version that will run as a public beta. Hopefully everything important is ready in 2 weeks.
    Normally I take care of the backend, but currently it's more organizational things and marketing, which is new territory for me and a bit daunting.

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      Hey Niecke- I just ran through the signup flow and have a few notes if you'd to hear them. Love the concept and was able to build a test form and pass the response to my app.

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    Newsletter and marketplace where people discover the best micro startups for sale.

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    I am working on HeyWith - https://heywith.com

    Website for freelancers and professionals to create online presence, showcase portfolio, projects and collect testimonials.

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      Nice! I love the landing page.

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    I'm working on a new ski blog at the moment - https://freshpowderski.co.uk/.

    Still in the process of filling out pages and getting SEO up and running. Think it might take a while, so trying to find alternative marketing methods!

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    Just launched my first Udemy course for mobile creators, summarizing 10 years of indie app development :-)


    Apparently I still need to do some final touch ups as I add new insights now and then.

    It's refreshing to create something without coding, and I might do more of those.


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    A viewer for Adobe XD files. Unlike with PDF and similar formats, there's no official viewer available. This is a problem if you hand-off your design to a developer or want a client's opinion because they need an XD subscription just to view the file.

    The viewer is kind of a starting point, I plan to add conversion into other formats (HTML, React, UIKit/SwiftUI etc.) and make that a paid tier. Progress so far here: https://twitter.com/softmatic

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    Currently working on Mumu X – The fastest way to pick emoji on macOS.

    The latest update is mainly focused on marketing and making foundation towards a super-fast emoji picking experience.

    I’d love to know if you have any feedback 😊

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      Interesting. How did you find the right price point for it?

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        It’s not scientific unfortunately, I just do trial & error.

        But the most helpful piece I always remind myself to do is to understand who’s the one that you’re serving.

        That served me well.

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          A/B test it for sure

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    SaaS project with nocode. Building a project management and strategy toolkit for marketing. Beta goes to early access users in February. Check it out if you’re interested.


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      With what tools are you building it?

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        I’m building it with Bubble. Check out my Twitter profile for updates on the product.

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    Working on Testkit and recently launched the onboarding.

    Next up for me are possible customer interviews and onboarding meetings 🚀

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      This is awesome! It could really revolutionize QA. Unfortunately writing test cases is the first thing to go when in a time crunch.

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        It's much faster to record test cases with Testkit instead, already tested that! I really hope it does make testing better, I hated writing all of them!

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    I had started as a saas tool, then got a refund for that foundation framework (black Friday deal) and pivoted to a managed tool (No need to build the ui to manage it, users can just email to ask. Saved a chunk of time and cash).

    Then got side tracked with the side project to my main tool and am now setting up a Web hosting side line as a value add of my main tool.

    My wife thinks I'm a bit mad but it's low risk and a cheaper mid life crisis than a red sports car.

    Give it a few weeks to sort out the hosting side then focus can return to the main tool, a website crawler to help speed up wordpress sites and checking for other issues.

    I think like some others I jump from idea to idea to focus on the fun parts without getting too far, but hopefully will go full circle and carry on as before.

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    AI-driven APIs! We want to make AI more accessible to developers and non-specialised teams.

    Our first launch is a Natural Language Processing API.. https://tagteam.ai/

    Would love to hear some thoughts and feedback :) :)

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    I’m currently working on two products

    Playgroup, the only community platform you need https://playgroup.community/

    Submetrics, a modern metrics dashboard for creators https://www.submetrics.co/

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    I'm currently working on a 3D image editor:


    The upcoming not-quite-stable-yet dev build is regularly updated here: https://slantt-dev.onrender.com/

    And at the same time trying to micro-blog the progress on Twitter to build up a bit more of an audience: https://twitter.com/DaveAGill

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    Hey @richiemcilroy 👋

    I'm building inspectflow.io to make Tailwind CSS developers more productive! Let me know your thoughts (:

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    Spent Oct -> Dec building https://essaygenius.ai

    It's a very basic tool for helping students write AI assisted essays, but taught me a ton in the process!

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    Link: https://kiktabcode.gumroad.com/l/zvqse
    A chrome extension to save, tag, search useful code snippets.

    Easily bookmark code examples across StackOverflow, etc and go back to them later.

    Reply here if you are interested! It's my first startup, and I honestly suck at marketing and could use help

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    In the process of marketing my product Mapply.

    The easiest way to create interactive maps and images for your website with no coding.

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    All my focus is on https://www.wickedtemplates.com/ and https://wickedblocks.dev/ where I am rebranding the last one and changing the whole concept, so it would be completely different from what it is.

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    Hey everyone,
    I am Aditya Joshi from India, working on making a difference in the content world by giving the power in the hands of creators and producers.

    Take a look at https://cruspo.com, the only platform you need to earn money from videos, live streams and community... The most flexible product you will ever come across...

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    Just like some others, trying to stop building and focus on getting new users for Prodsee (https://www.prodsee.com). It's a B2B SaaS tool that lets you share and organise your work with your team.

    Would love to hear any feedback! What are you working on?

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    Find others who want to do the same you want to do...
    so you don't hang out alone.

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    Notion investment dashboard 📈
    Gumroad listing.
    Live on PH right now.

    Been working on it for the past few weeks and just went live today. Would love to hear any feedback!

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    Just a simple site I made this week and launched to get into the habit of finishing projects. After just a few days it got 22k unique visitors! As someone that has never made anything anyway popular before it was quite exciting to see so many people interested!

    Here are analytics if you are interested:

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      Nice! You've done a great job here. I recently built a mini site called McPlanted.com, which allows you to see if the new McPlant burger is available near you (UK only) - building mini sites is fun haha!

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