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hello indie hackers : )

No matter what you're working on, it's important to keep pushing forward and stay motivated. Remember that progress takes time and effort, but if you stick with it you'll eventually reach your goals. So whatever you're striving for, keep up the good work and never give up!

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    I've been working on https://www.dupple.com/ for a few months now. Basically we allow startups to centralise user support, feedbacks, discussions... in a single place.

    1️⃣ We reduce the amount of support you have to do
    2️⃣ We increase your number of engaged customers, who become ambassadors of your brand
    3️⃣ You make a better product thanks to feedbacks & bug reports.

    We are really looking for beta users for whom we would build Dupple!

    Feel free to reach out if you're interested to try the platform 😄

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      Hi Rifal,

      I like the idea and tried it out today.
      I have a small improvement idea for your website, though:
      It took me a while to figure out that the "Demo" link would lead me to Dupple's own feature request page.
      Maybe you want to add the same link titled "Support" or "Contact" to the footer.

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        Hey Codingfriend, I sent you an email!

        Also, thanks a lot for the feedback here and in our community, we’ll take them into account.

        Would you be available for a call to discuss your need, your problem and what we could do for you? :)

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      Hi, I'm interested in community management tools but thinking of just starting from Slack or Discord group. What are the main advantages of using services like dupple? Possibly many visitors are thinking the same like me. So I recommend you to put some comparison contents accessible from the top page:)

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        Hey Hiro, thanks for your message!

        Basically Slack & Discord are great to chat, but once you have a few active users on them, everything can become very messy since you don't have topics that contain them.

        Moreover, if you plan on using Slack, after 10k messages you will lose content from your users.

        With Dupple:

        • messages & topics are indexed on search engines, so your users might find a solution to their problems with Google
        • you can create feedback channels which have the same features as canny or upvoty... so it's perfect to co-construct your product with your users
        • you have email notifications to update your users

        Hope it's clear!

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          Just signed up and checked the app. Looks nice! I thought that your product is great for consumer brands since people don't want to check Slack messages in their workspace on weekends.

          Also, as Eelco mentioned I think you can charge high prices to brands and give great support since community building and maintaining the engagement is difficult and most brands cannot do it. I joined many communities and saw how those communities lose momentum and become ghost towns.

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            Thanks for the feedback! We were targeting B2B startups but as you said, maybe targeting B2C would be better.

            I saw you registered, do you plan on using it for Sharelo? :D

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              Can I use a service like canny.io? Put a link on our website and visitors or signed-up users can post feature requests and vote for ideas? In that case, I like to try Dupple. As a user community, I feel like using Slack or Discord is better for B2B services like ours, just my opinion.

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                Yes you can add a link to your website and your users/visitors will be able to add ideas and create discussions! We just don't have SSO yet so they'll have to sign in with their emails.

                If you need specific features, don't hesitate to ask!

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      This looks really good, great idea to consolidate all this in one product. I do think the pricing is way too low.

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        Hey Eelco, how much would you price such tool?

        If think our main issue right now is getting early startups to use the product, so if you have any advice on that, feel free to also share :)

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          While freemium sounds like a good idea, in my experience you need really solid marketing (and budget, read: funding) to make it work. Besides that most of the people that sign up for free accounts aren't very engaging and might not even turn into paying customers.

          So for pricing, I'd start with a free trial period. And then 2 or 3 paid plans, limit the amount of active users/posts. $15,-/month sounds like a good entry for this product though, and add a more expensive 'unlimited' plan.

          Getting more startups to use your product is a matter of getting your brand out there, talk to people, get more social proof on your website, generate traffic, get a live chat and try to be online as much as possible, so you can close deals on the website (this works really good in my experience), do things that don't scale :).
          Once you have some startups on board, share their public Dupple pages on your website as social proof. Slowly things will get rolling.

          The get in touch link on the website under 'More questions' , links to the calendar. Better change this to 'Get a demo', and have the 'Get in touch' open the live-chat.

          Good luck :)

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            I've added the live chat!

            Yes definitely I'll try doing things that don't scale.

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    www.JourneyTogether.io mental health app. Like a digital AA support group but for any topic.

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    A Node.js desktop automation framework to automate mouse/keyboard input + a lot more.
    Perfect for automating workflows, building bots, etc.


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      This is looking promising, I have tried to make several projects work in the past with half-baked, limited support frameworks and would 100% love to see a decent one come up soon!

      1. 2

        I’m happy to hear that! I’m really putting some effort into decent and continuous support, the downside is that only a handful of people are valuing these efforts for open source projects. But I’m still enjoying it 😃

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          What's the most concrete value signal in your eyes? If someone sponsored you, would that be the validation you're looking for? Steady growth of stars on Github? Know that a Fortune 50 company is using your software?

          1. 2

            GitHub stars and knowing that even huge corps are using my tools is nice to evaluate overall usage, there are some pretty big names in this list of dependents: https://github.com/nut-tree/nut.js/network/dependents

            But honestly, these things don’t pay my bills, so sponsors are my main metric. But even though I know that quite a few companies are using it commercially, they do not care about sponsoring me. If I ask people to do so, some are actually offended and some companies even tried to trick me into solving their problems for free (or blatantly asking if there are other contributors who would do it for free).

            There are some really nice companies out there I did contracting projects with, but those are not the majority.

            That’s the problem with open source… Everybody wants to get high quality stuff for free.

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              Totally makes sense. Perhaps you can highlight your contracting availability in the repo itself? In companies where time is more scarce than money, hiring you to do the thing a FTE was about to build is a good deal for both parties. And then you'll also get additional ideas for features, improvements, etc.

              Another option would be to explore a pro version similar to TipTap/other projects:

              1. 2

                I’m following a similar approach by limiting access to some packages to project sponsors. Funny that you mention TipTap, I’ll get their pro license once I find the time to kick of another project I’ve been thinking of.

                Perhaps you can highlight your contracting availability in the repo itself?

                You’re absolutely right, it’s also a bit of a problem that I’m not self promotion very well at the moment!

                Thanks for your input!

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    A Free to use QR Business Card App that does not require the other party to have the app. Just adds right to your contacts!


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    I'm working on https://bump.email - the easiest way to protect your email from spam and ads. Just disable any email that has a lot of junk messages

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    I'm working on MovyDick - a movie/show recommendation app 🎬 where you can pick a movie or show to watch in one click.

    What's special about it is that you get only ONE movie or show per click.

    No more infinite scrolling like on Netflix or Amazon Prime with dozens of movies/shows that make it so hard to decide what to watch 🤔

    Here is what some people said about it

    A testimonial on MovyDick praising the one-click-one-recommendation feature and how it helps with indecisiveness

    A testimonial on MovyDick showcasing how FAST getting a recommendation is

    Yesterday I shipped a new feature: STREAMING SERVICES!!! 🚀

    Screenshot of the movie "Psycho" on MovyDick showcasing the streaming services feature

    From now on you can not only choose WHAT to watch but also WHERE you can watch it.

    This was my first side project MVP to be launched one week ago 😜

    You can give it a try whenever you want - it's FREE for now - and I would love to hear your feedback (including any issues you encountered or things you see could be better with some improvement and also what would you like to see on MovyDick in the future).

    You can send me a DM on Twitter, I'm super active there: @TheAmineAouragh

    So with that being said, what are you going to watch next? 😉

    👉 Let's pick a movie/show 👈


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      Awesome App Amine 🔥

      Amazing for something that just started as a side project 🚀

      1. 1

        Thank you so much Olu!

        It started as a very small experiment with TMDb API but then I felt a really good connection with it since I LOVE movies and shows so much and I think that could be something that I can use MYSELF, not just a project that I would put on my portfolio, show it to some people for a couple days and then forget about it forever.

        Lesson learned: Always build something that you're PASSIONATE about to a very high level but also take care of it as if you are taking care of a baby.

        An MVP (early version app) is like a baby. Don't make it eat too much (features) so it won't feel any discomfort in the belly (bugs) and start crying (crash).

    2. 2

      really cool app amine

      1. 1

        Damn! Thank you so much brother 😍

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    I got stuck when designing a specific section (e.g., team section or feature section) as a website designer. I can find inspiration on the Dribbble or Land-Book. But, they provide full-page inspiration, and it's pretty hard to see what I am looking for.

    So, that's why I am building https://goodsection.com/, a hand-picked website section for inspiration. At least, It's beneficial for me and hopefully can help every web designer find inspiration based on the website section.

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    Working on https://twitter.com/thriftmvp an early / pre-revenue high quality MVP marketplace.

    We should be live early next month!

    1. 1

      I like this one 👍 Especially the 'DM to get listed'. Like the lean approach

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    I have built a chat roulette for Slack:


    It has just been published in the Slack App Directory this week and I'm very excited to see how many customers I can reach.
    Any feedback is welcome.

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      Great work! Just curious, what is your marketing or sales strategy for this app?

      1. 1

        Good question! 😄

        We hope to be featured in the Slack App Directory end of the month.
        Currently we're just trying to spread the news on social media and communities like IH, Hacker News, etc.
        Also we're running a Google ads campaign.

        I can't tell yet if or which of these works out.
        Also I'm open to ideas 😉

    2. 1

      Cool! Great for team building.

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    I am working on audit logging for modern macOS

    1. 2

      Very interesting design choices. Not sure if I love it or hate it. Goodluck to you either ways!

      1. 1

        hehe, thank you anyways!

    2. 2

      This is super cool. Immediate reaction is "let me send this to a SIEM". Very possible it's stated on your website and I missed it but highlighting this for high-user deployments would be a great way to appeal to the managed IT audience.

      1. 2

        I am really glad you like it! Can you elaborate on the SIEM part? Do you have anything concrete on your mind?

        Either way, I am okay with any exposure, so sure, feel free to share it!

        1. 1

          Would love to give Logga a URL/config file and automatically have JSON logs hit an endpoint for my perusal. Now that I think about it, perhaps this is supposed to be done by Addigy or another MDM solution? A little out of my depth here - just thinking about aggregating data across a workforce

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    Hey @Alucardvania,

    i'm working on https://nftwatcher.co

    NFTWatcher informs you via email, sms, discord and api, when the price of a nft collection decreases.

    I will be super happy if you want to leave me some feedback :)

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    I'm curious do people just dump their project and leave on posts like this?

    Or do are you (anyone reading this) actually spending time exploring what others are building?

    On that note, I'm building the last productivity timer you'll ever need.

    1. 4

      I usually check couple of projects on threads like these, its fun to see what people are working on.

      1. 1

        Okay cool cool - I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    2. 1

      I have been scrolling for over 10minutes now haha, it's addictive!

    3. 1

      There are so many amazing things out there that we could learn from, and it would be great to get some collaboration going as well.

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    I'm working on growing my Substack.

    I write about personal development:

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    Hi @Alucardvania and everyone 👋

    My brother and I have just launched our scalable cloud graph database SurrealDB in public open beta (completely free to use)! We've been working on this for a number of years, and are completely bootstrapped.

    The first beta version supports a large amount of functionality, with the ability to run in a highly-available, highly-scalable distributed environment. A highly-performant query language enables use of many different data types, and embedded JavaScript functions can be used for more complex functions and triggers.

    We wanted to create a database that allowed users to build modern real-time applications effortlessly - with the ability to query right from Chrome, Edge, or Safari, removing the need for complicated database backends and APIs - with advanced row-by-row security and access permissions handled right within the database itself.

    Any feedback/users/testers appreciated! - https://surrealdb.com!

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    Building PubliMate.io right now - a on demand blog-writing subscription to put your blog on autopilot.

    For one flat monthly fee, you get access to our unlimited on-demand blog writing service. Save yourself hundreds of hours of research and writing by automating with PubliMate and focus on building your business instead!

    1. 1

      I love this idea. How many articles do you get with the monthly subscription? In the FAQ it says "unlimited requests" but I assume that's not the same as articles?

      1. 1

        Hey @danny17
        You read that right, we offer unlimited articles, revisions, etc. per project :)
        Happy to connect if you are interested to give it a try!

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    Working on www.plezi.co/en/one , an alternative to Google Analytics combined with basic marketing automation features (web content management, contacts, forms, emailing).

    We launched this new free tool to help newbies make their website profitable and get started in digital marketing.

    On my side, I'm trying to improve the value proposition on the sales pages (feedbacks are welcome! Anyone have a good method to write the perfect copy?) and the whole Plezi team continues to develop the product and the acquisition of new users :)

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    Love these prompts, it's easy to sometimes lose motivation!

    I'm currently working on building Remote Work Junkie (https://remoteworkjunkie.com/), a hub for all things remote work. My primary focus is building great content for remote job seekers and remote employers (blog posts, guides, lists, etc.). Additionally, I have a remote job board on there as well.

    Been live for two months exactly and seeing promising results even without ad dollars or Google showing much love yet. I sold my previous website business last year, so this is my new side project I'm excited to grow and one day gets acquired.

    1. 1

      Great resource! Do you accept themed guest posts?

      1. 2

        Open to guest posts, but should be remote work/working from home related topics (:

        1. 1

          We are developing service for remote access, would it be possible to write about it?

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    I’m working on ktool.io to help you read online content on your Kindle 🧘‍♀️

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    https://buzzmein.ca - bringing apartment buzzers in the US&CA to the 21st century (for residents and short-term rentals)

    Also this weekend been playing around a lot with litestream and trying to replicate sqlite databases from my dokku hosted apps to S3 - cool stuff! always trying to simplify my stack

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    I'm working on https://getgumball.com - a nifty mechanical light that turns on when you receive the notifications of your choice. New sale? New Sign-up? New alert? Let’s feel the excitement!

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    I am building a monitoring platform for the Internet.

    Goal is to create a system which can monitor websites, APIs and other similar endpoints (functional as of now) but soon will also include the ability to monitor servers (Linux and Windows)

    1. 1

      wow great website & service, pro !

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    I'm working on JustToSay.cards , online group cards for remote teams to celebrate special occasions. I've just added 5 new themes and am working on more.

  23. 2

    I’m working on VidCap, the simplest video subtitles creator on iOS.

  24. 2

    I'm working on Contact Nite https://contact-nite.com
    Contact from widget for Flutter and management service for it.

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    👋, I 'm building https://cronocloud.com,
    Cronocloud is a simple time-tracking app ⏱️ running in your browser 😉. I am about to start working on localization for DateTime formats. 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

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    We're working on CONTLO: https://contlo.com/

    A commerce data & marketing platform, helping ecommerce businesses to get a 360 deg view of their commerce data including Customer Data (CDP), Product specific data & store/business specific insights.

    Create customer segments using various events and behavioral data.

    Merchants can also use this data to take tactical decisions in Marketing to improve their CRO and strengthen their customer retention.

    Our Marketing engine allows merchants to send communication across various channels like Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Webpush etc

    Merchants can also use various apps from our appstore like - Reviews, Loyalty, FB&Google Ad Sync etc

    Feel free to book a 1:1 Personalized demo if you are interested to try the platform https://contlo.com/get-in-touch

    Here's an interesting case study to read: https://contlo.com/resources/case-study-001

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    Hello mega builders:

    I'm working on two projects:

    https://www.utopiops.com - an alternative for Heroku on AWS



    an alternative for Zapier

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    Building a social blogging platform for software engineers :)


    In simple words, with increasing degradation of platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I'm building a developer-centric platform where developers will be able to write awesome articles (think Medium on steroids, dev.to), create or join meetups (think of meetup.com) and follow tags, other developers, tech companies, etc (think of any social platform with core social features).

    As I have a full time job, and as project is relatively big in scale, I will release mainly with blogging platforms for start, and then move onto some of the mentioned subjects.

    1. 1

      Sounds interesting. I just signed up for the newsletter and noticed that Firefox blocks the sign-up script when tracking protection is active. You might want to look into this or show a hint.

      1. 1

        Thanks a bunch for the sign-up. Each one of those motivates me, so it's highly appreciated.

        As of the "bug", I use mailchimp, so it's really strange that thing happens. I'll go ahead and see what's going on. Thanks a bunch of the hint.

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    I am currently building Affiliate Corner. The fastest way to search affiliate programs, get data-driven insights, and much more.

    Already crossed $5800+ in pre-sales.

    Now, gearing up for launch.

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    I'm building Flash Transcribe https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1610898677, this is the first app that makes me get >$100 MRR!

  31. 2

    I'm creating a VS Code plugin to help developers share errors easily with their teammates - https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=RoyalJain.share-error&ssr=false#overview

    Do try it out, repository is linked on the above webpage. Suggestions contributions welcome.

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    After 4 years of solo-development, I just launched Immersive Communities - a social media platform for content creators.

    Members can create their own communities and write about the things they care about with like-minded people. Markdown is supported out of the box! Each community can be monetized with Member Subscriptions and Self-service Ads. Payments are implemented with Stripe of course! 😋

    I took the PWA-first community so you get to install your branded community as an app on both desktop and mobile! 😄


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    iOS Apps that I created based on my work for institutional investors:

    Company 360: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/company-360/id1464857130 (Find undervalued stocks using Value Investing strategy).

    Super Investor: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/super-investor/id1441737952 (Analysis of what institutional investors own vs. retail sentiment vs. short interest).

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    Delta Forms (https://deltaforms.vercel.app) a service to send form responses to Slack, Notion, HubSpot, Google Sheets etc.

  35. 2

    This new platform just entered the scene with a free tryout to build and use AI models without a single line of code. It also lets you take the code in several formats and languages including Python to integrate them into your apps and projects.

    Option to build from text, image, and our audio data. They have several ready-to-use pre-trained models, or custom ones, whatever you like.

    Cool also if you have the need for models in Spanish. https://app.cogniflow.ai/signup

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    https://getlaunchlist.com - a tool to build an early users waiting list from your landing page with community (working on it).

  37. 2

    Very much in the early stages.

    I am making a website to start with to search for train tickets by price (UK based). No one else offers this at the moment.

    At the moment the website isn't live at all though.

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    SEO is a zero-sum game and SEO tools alone won't work. We're building tools and providing support and coaching to help marketers and founders build SEO strategies that actually get them on Google.

    1. 1

      Hi! Reaching out to you. Interested in learning more.

      1. 1

        Awesome looking forward to chatting!

  39. 2


    A calendar that helps you plan meetings, run them and follow up after. Integrates with Google Calendar.

  40. 2

    A few different threads

    Picket - Token Gate Anything (https://picketapi.com/)

    Not Now, Maybe Later - Recruiting Emails Only When You Want Them (https://nnmbl.xyz/)

    Unicode Ethereum Project (https://github.com/devstein/unicode-eth)

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    I'm working on glance.fyi 👀

    Glance makes it easy to find inspiration for your startup's marketing website.

    1. 1

      Your website is brilliant! Just visited.

      1. 1

        Thanks, Piyush! I'm so glad you liked it 🙂

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    I am working on twitter.com/OutLaterHQ a social media tool which allows you to schedule posts to send out later.

    This works across web/iOS/Android.

    outlater.com is the waitlist :)

    1. 1

      This is a pretty crowded niche from what i have seen. Do you have any plans on how you are going to differentiate from your competitors?

      1. 1

        Most of the products I have seen do not have native mobile apps or have it as an afterthought.

        OutLater is built from the ground up to have a web/iOS/Android version with consistent UX and feature parity across all platforms; from a single codebase.

        Eventually there will be native apps for Windows and MacOS X as well since this is built in Expo/React Native.

    2. 1

      I'm curious, how are you scheduling posts for Instagram? Are you automating the process, or is there something else?

      1. 2

        It’s automated, the platform stores the data and uploads it to Instagram via the API at the scheduled time 👌🏼

        1. 1

          Nice, so is there an API for creating posts on Instagram?

          1. 1

            Yup, the Instagram Graph API is there. Your page needs to be linked to a Facebook page and need to be a business profile for it to work!

  43. 2

    I'm working on www.socialintents.com - Website chat for Teams and Slack.

  44. 2

    https://www.screenshotflow.com/ A tool to auto-generate shareable UX diagrams from Android apps

  45. 2

    I recently created www.theNFTbooster.com which is an online community to validate and promote NFT ideas. I launched it yesterday so any kind of feedback and advise is more than welcome :)

  46. 2

    I'm building http://resumestudio.careers a resume building tool

  47. 2

    I am working on a Notion web clipper - Klippper
    It will soon reach 100 installs on google chrome!

  48. 2

    Here is a link for our software for remote access from web-browser https://getscreen.me/ Users call our service "Teamviewer killer") We'll be grateful for your feedback!

  49. 2

    We are building a business intelligence platform for startups and scaleups -https://www.truealpha.io/

    90% of founders tend to scramble each month to collate their KPIs. Data is trapped in disjointed sources, learning resources on startup KPIs are sparse, building an internal solution can take months and there is usually no easy way out.

    We are on a mission to address this gap and give every founder the best chance of success through our modern, purpose-built solution for automated KPIs.

  50. 2

    I m building vadelabs, an API unification platform where you can integrate the APIs, build your own and unify them so that you can just connect to multiple data sources via a single API. Here's the brief demo of what it can do.

  51. 2

    I'm building https://unblokd.com for getting help or helping others unblock their code.

  52. 2

    If you're a startup founder, our platform will be of great help for your development process

    1. 1

      What is the name of your platform

  53. 1

    Inventory Management and Account Tracking

  54. 1

    I am working on https://histogrammaker.co/ with the help of which you can create histogram online.

  55. 1

    Basically, I am working on https://www.contactbook.app/. It allows businesses to share the contacts, whether they have different groups, different tags and manage the contacts in a whole.

    As an additional feature, businesses can also add notes and attachments to the contacts, in a hassle-free way.

    Go through the website once and try the tool as it gives 14 days free trial.

  56. 1

    https://freelanceintros.com a platform for graphic design freelancers to exchange client introductions

  57. 1

    I am working on https://piechartmaker.co/ which is a pie chart maker.

  58. 1

    Data Driven insights are information that can be used to make decisions, take immediate actions, or improve future performance.
    Not sure where to start?
    we’ll cover everything you need to know about extracting actionable insights from data in this blog: https://bit.ly/3zA6E8o

  59. 1

    This past weekend I released the beta of a project I've been working on for about a year. It's a website that allows you to transfer music playlists between Apple Music and Spotify. I was close to giving up quite a few times but am glad I persisted until the end. There's still a lot to polish but the core is there, have a look if you're curious: https://playlists.cloud - I'd appreciate any feedback you may have, cheers!

  60. 1

    Hi I’m building an all-things-parenting marketplace personalized to parents evolving needs https://parenting.partners aiming to answer 2 critical questions-
    1️⃣ what do I not know that I should know as a parent
    2️⃣ now I know, how do I get it done

    Looking for beta testers (parents, soon-to-be parents, friends of parents) in the coming weeks!

  61. 1

    I'm working on Tinker Jobs (https://tinkerjobs.webflow.io/) - a job board for Visa Sponsored jobs in Canada.

    This is my first project and first time sharing with the world so would love to get feedback!

  62. 1


    We just launched on Google Play store! It's a voice messenger with automatic transcriptions. 🎉

  63. 1

    Hey IH community, I just set up a fundraising-in-a-box service to help growth companies raise money: https://growthowl.co/

    Fundraising can be incredibly stressful and all-consuming for company owners and their management teams. The goal with GrowthOwl is to provide a bespoke, done-for-you service so you can focus on running your business and let an experienced team handle the preparation and management of the fundraising process.

    We provide a full package of tools and resources to help companies raise capital: custom built financial models, pitch decks, investor lists, live pitch reviews and feedback, managed due diligence, term sheet and investment document reviews.

    It's a very high-touch, labor-intensive, bespoke service but one that I think is desperately needed to companies to stand out in a competitive fundraising environment.

    I'm leveraging over a decade of experience working in investment banking, private equity and funding growth companies.

  64. 1

    Now im working on https://www.hivelance.com/opensea-clone-script project on opensea clone script development company - Hivelance

  65. 1

    Hello there! Building https://gexpr.com/home! Would love to hear your thoughts.

  66. 1

    I'm working on https://ideaio.xyz. A slack app that collects team's thoughts with ease without bias. We believe great ideas take time to bake. Give people more time to think without interruptions from the loudest in a room. I'm about to launch this month. Feedback is welcome! Anyone can try the beta for free. ;-) Cheers!

  67. 1

    Working on features for https://greenlight.so - a website feedback tool. We've been live since new year and just got one paying customer.

    We're planning to release "share to web" soon, the idea is simple - you can share all your comments with one link and anyone can come see them without registration. Currently I'm planning our product hunt launch and we're thinking to reduce the pricing significantly for the product to be more attractive - to around $30 per year.

    We're financing this ourselves and aiming to scale organically (the basecamp/hey.com way). We have also a lot of use cases/problems that can be covered with this tool which we may expand into, our last thought was somewhat crazy - to make it "web3" with tokens and rewards for devs who resolve most comments.

    Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

  68. 1

    I'm working on a #opensource algorithm capable of fully capturing the impact of data drift on performance! We're actually launching today on Product Hunt! If you can upvote it there it would be super helpful! https://lnkd.in/e7NjKMEJ

    Also, f you're interested in ML models please star our library on GitHub https://lnkd.in/eewNYt_8

  69. 1

    I'm still working on https://cavar.io - a NFT Rarity Tool.
    It's free to use and still an early version.

    I would love your feedback on it❤️

  70. 1

    I'm working on Ditto - a payments platform built for project-based work.

    Ditto is different in a few key ways:

    1. we ensure prompt payment by collecting up front, then holding funds in escrow
    2. a dynamic project portal replaces static contracts and amendments/change orders
    3. a lot of the admin is automated, and we handle 1099 tax forms for clients/contractors

    We'd be very grateful for any and all feedback, especially from freelancers/clients! :)

  71. 1


    Completely free web tool to design color palettes specifically for websites and webapps. Built with indiehackers in mind ;)

    1. 2

      Uhhh sounds super interesting!

  72. 1

    I've realized that modern analytics tools provide too much data that 99% of us don't need, so I'm building a minimalistic solution for landing pages (https://jelytics.com/).

    P.S. I'll give you 1-year free usage if you agree to have a 15min chat with me.

    1. 1

      Love the landing page and clarity of explanation! What tech stack are you using to build it out?

      1. 1

        Thanks! It's pure ReactJS, I bought a template for $11 and adjusted it for my needs. It had all these nice animations baked in.

        I do plan to use .Net for the backend, but I'm still at the validating stage.

  73. 1

    Inaugural weekend for www.1kweekend.dev - go from zero product to $1,000 in sales. Feels like I'm behind my own schedule but it's already forced me to ship more than I ever have before!

    There's no time for perfection.

  74. 1

    Hi! I'm currently working on https://www.amorebooks.io. It's a product that is based on an experience I had at a retreat where people send those on retreat letters of appreciation.

    It's not quite at MVP - still a work in progress, but moving forward.

  75. 1

    I'm working on https://acrobox.io, a hosting platform for indie hackers to build, observe, and iterate on multiple applications at a fixed cost.

  76. 1

    I'm working on Gusher.co a platform for founders to launch their companies without the need for capital.

    Currently I'm working on our affiliate program and looking for podcasts to appear on, events to talk at and more of that kind of thing.

  77. 1

    This week I finished a 'now' post since I haven't learned enough yet to have a 'now' page that looks properly. Also downloaded streaming softwares to see if I could figure out how to go live on Twitch or wherever that adventure might take me. Also came across some cool live shop apps or service. Still working my way through the 100 days of no code challenge. I backed off to do it at my own pace and every assignment is more and more exhilarating to see all the opportunities. The creator economy is a big playground for me at this point and I kinda resent my night job for using so much of my time and energy. Otherwise it's all fun and games around this corner of the globe 🌎

  78. 1

    I am working on:

    https://unwrapped.design/, a design system for Figma,

    but I took a break to redesign :


    I am literally deploying now the new version

    What's Meshed up! ?

    48 Free SVG Mesh gradients
    Available in Figma and easy to copy-paste

    is 100% free

  79. 1

    Alternative to getpocket.com for bookmarking URLs in Notion

    I have been using #Notion for the past 3 months, And now it is my go to app for writing & sharing notes/blogs.

    With every information being stored in notion.

    I also wanted to save informative twitter threads & articles that I find while surfing the internet. But without opening the notion app.

    I wanted a feature very similar to WhatsApp forward. As this didn’t exist natively in the app, I have built a solution around it.

    With the help of the telegram bot, I have created a Notion integration to import any URL that is passed to this bot.

    Simply share any URL to the telegram bot & it will be imported into your notion page.

    Use the steps specified in the below link 👇, To set it up for your notion workspace.


  80. 1

    And after spending some time exploring what others are building, I've come to the conclusion that we need to spend more time talking to each other and working on collaboration.

  81. 1

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to drop a quick message and encourage you all to keep pushing forward. It can be tough sometimes, but it's so important to stay motivated and focused on our goals. I know we can all achieve great things if we just stay dedicated!

    Thanks for being such a supportive community, and let's continue working hard together :)

  82. 1

    Some sleek projects in out here!

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