What are your thoughts about my website

Hi Indiehackers!

I posted my website ( Creatickz ) here a few days ago, but I realized that there were too many things that needed to be fixed before I asked for feedback on things I hadn't seen yet. So I quickly deleted the post and started working on them.

Now I'm presenting my website Creatickz again and I would like to know:

• Is it clear what my product is about?
• Do you think the information is clear?
• What would you change?

Any feedback is appreciated, thank you!

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    I think whoever designed this definately has better design skills than me.

    However, it is very busy, it's like you are trying to do too much, my eye wants to look everywhere at the same time.

    One example of this; on the home page above the fold there is 6 images to the right, and 6 animations on the bottom:

    • the headline seems strong and direct
    • but the image to the right doesn't tell me anything, it looks like it's trying to present a portfolio in 6 tiny images, (which probably does not do your portfolio justice to present 6 things in such a small place)
    • the animations are distracting me from the headline

    In general I think this page is very busy, and slightly chaotic and it could be improved by simplifying the design and making it more focused and targeted with more unified messaging.

    I hope this isn't too harsh, I often over engineer things, so it's not like I haven't made this mistake myself.

    The design skill is there and some of the graphics are REALLY amazing, they just need more space to breath, IMHO.

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      Hey, thank you so much for your opinion! I really appreciate you taking the time to visit the website and give me such an extensive feedback. It definitely helps me a lot and I will take your comments into account to improve the website.

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        I was scared I was being too harsh, but wanted to be honest as when I go to post my thing on here that's what I'd want.!

        But I absolutely love some of the graphics like the space ship and the other ones beneath, "Get designs ready in 3 simple steps"

        Those are super cool.

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    The copyrighting seems straightforward and clear enough to understand your service benefits. But in terms of UX, your illustrations seem to be a bit inconsistent and taking away the attention from the great copy.

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    Hi Frank,

    I think with a few adjustments, an excellent job will come.
    The pages are too dense. I agree with the writer that it would be better to give more air. Also, the font you used is not the best. There are too many animations. You seem to want to show that you are an excellent graphic designer since you provide this service.

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    Here we go, Frank -

    • Is it clear what my product is about?

    • Yes. You offer subscription for business that are looking for custom designs.

    • Do you think the information is clear?

    • Yes.

    • What would you change?

    1. I'd make the page less cluttered. There's too much of text to begin with and I had to read it all to figure out what's going on. Make it 30% of what it is now.

    2. "Unlock the power of ...". I think that's verbose. I'd write something like "We deliver unlimited custom graphics to you for a fixed monthly cost".

    3. ** cough ** add video testimonials. contact me. ** cough **

    4. Your website looks good and the layout is impressive. I think the elements just need more space to breath, though.

    All the best!

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    Others have mentioned the information and animation overload one the otherwise nice website , to which I agree

    I have another comment. With all these unlimited XYZ services for a monthly fee popping up, I wonder if there's isn't a niche for 5h per week of XYZ services. Who needs a full time copywriter and has the time and energy to submit a new brief just after the other the previous talk was submitted and and is acceptable?

    I would personally appreciate a service of 5 (or 10) h of service XYZ per week, the possibility to send a to do list for the next weeks ahead. Just like having a part time virtual assistant for one specific task.

    Just an idea

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    Main headline should be much clearer as to what you are actually offering and why you are ticking all the boxes . Social proof and trust pilot rating should be on top close to CTA As why should I trust you Is a big question here. Good luck!!

    1. 1

      Where would you think the social proof section would fit well? Could it be right after the main section where "Creatickz" is introduced? Thank you very much!

      1. 3

        If you have alot of review on your trust pilot that should be right after the main headline and close to the sign up button . Social proof should be above the fold. Would help to make the testimonials looking a bit better, perhaps mentioning what companies you have as clients etc

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    I think the product offer is fairly clear and the layout and design looks professional.

    The only negative from me is that it feels overwhelming. There's stuff animating all over and above the fold, I can't tell what I'm supposed to focus on. The heading, call to action buttons, and the image all have fairly equal pull, so I don't feel directed.

    I would definitely reduce the animations at a minimum. Right now it feels like walking through a busy street with ads blaring from all directions. Reducing the animations and minimizing the content will give the page a bit more "confidence", if that makes sense.

    1. 2

      Yup, I agree with this. It's extremely overwhelming with all of the animations going on.

    2. 1

      What you said makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the feedback!

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    Some critic:

    IMO it's way too much going on.
    All the icons are animated, I can't focus at all on the content.

    Beside too much motion, it's also too much copy. I feel like I need to read a whole documentation to understand what's going on.

    Beside those 2 points, I like the structure and the colours. 👍

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    Hi Frank.
    Your landings look awesome. Yet it is not enough to sell.

    1. The intro is not clear at all. Too much texts, animations, things. I tried to read, learn. Anyway the intro did not answer me the question: "what is this about?".

    Only this sentence makes a bit more understanding: "social media graphics, digitals ads and business brochures by monthly fee - no more contracts and freelance pain".

    1. Keep it short and clear, talk to your customers, ask why did they choose it, and tell about that in your landing. Images also just a beatiful mess, they do not tell anything.

    2. Add more space. Too complicated to understand.

  10. 2
    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Looks fine to me
    1. 1

      Thank you for your feedback!

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    I can feel the lite of the website.. congrats brother! Nice website

    1. 1

      Thank you! I really appreciate it!

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    I think it looks good. As for the hero section, I think rewording what Creatickz really is, would be ideal. Another point is I think there is too much text on the screen (especially in smaller font) that could be more condensed.

    1. 1

      Thank you for your input! Many people have pointed that out, so I'll make sure to shorten them in each section to make them easier to read.

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    It looks good, but it also looks the same as every other SaaS landing page. Maybe you can use a slightly more original colors/fonts? After a while all these pages just blend in as the same.

    1. 1

      Thanks for your comment! I wasn't really sure about the typography either, it's pretty simple and generic, but I'm worried that using a more attractive font that isn't on Google fonts will increase the website's loading times.

      1. 1

        You can try just using system fonts if you want fast loading times and nice looking fonts.

        1. 1

          Thank you! I'll try that then.

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    Looks pretty good! I like the simple animations.
    Although you need to make sure people understand what Creatickz is from the first section/heading. At the moment, that's not the case.

    1. 1

      Thank you very much for the feedback! I will adjust that first screen to be much more concise and direct, It's definitely not clear what service I'm offering.

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    • Is it clear what my product is about?
    It is, the idea is a graphic design service with emphasis on qualify, speed and close collaboration.

    • Do you think the information is clear?

    • What would you change?
    Less text, feels like the message is repeated multiple times.

    1. 1

      Thank you very much for your opinion! I'll revise the texts to avoid being too repetitive.

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    I think it's pretty clear after reading a bit. The headline maybe could add some clarity perhaps? At first glance, it's just graphic design services... which could be an agency.

    Since services like Design Pickle are you competition, I'd look to them for a little inspiration and augment accordingly. Also, reading reviews of their service can reveal quite a bit (passionate 1 star and 5 star reviews contain great tag lines)

    Aside from that, I wasn't the biggest fan of all the moving icons/elements. It became distracting more than "oh cool".

    1. 1

      Thank you for the feedback! You're right about the main title, I think it's important for visitors to know what the service is about when they first come to the website. I also think it would help with the SEO if I added keywords like "unlimited design service". I'll look for a better title.

      As for the animated icons, I'll try the static version and see how they look. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts!

      1. 2

        Don't mention it, happy to have helped! :)

  17. 1

    • Is it clear what my product is about? YES
    • Do you think the information is clear? YES

    • What would you change?

    1. Too much of animated icons without any good reason. I would use it in balance and creatively.
    2. Image slideshow in What is Creatickz? section is just bad. Needs better animation and presentation there. Even just slowing it down by 300-500ms will make it look better.
    3. Bold font weight at so many places make the reading UX bit bad.
    4. Need some breathing space at many places.
    1. 1
      1. On the hero graphics. Rather than showing the whole process, I would just show great outcome. I'd do the priming or not at all.
      1. 2

        Thank you for the feedback and for mentioning all of those points that could be improved. I will definitely take them into account and work on fixing the website.

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    Good design overall.

    1. I would add some perspective on copywriting. It's great but felt too wordy at times.

    For example: If you already have a "Learn More" button after the section where you explain How it works in 3 steps, you can make the steps less wordy. User gets to read more on the second page anyway.
    You can turn the same text into more readable format. Eg: Step 1 content (Graphi 3
    Just log in to your account dashboard and submit a request with all the relevant information. there, you can track your designer’s progress and leave comments.) can be rewritten using bullet points like this

    • Log in to your account dashboard
    • Submit a request with relevant information
    • Track your design’s progress
    1. I would like to know why didn't you use greyed out features that you won't provide with your Starter Plan like you did with Presentation Designs and Landing Page Designs.

    2. The greyed out features Presentation Designs and Landing Page Designs turn green when hovered over. I think it would be better if they turn red instead, emphasizing what will the user miss out if chosen Starter Plan.

    1. 2

      Thank you so much for the extensive feedback! I will take all of your points into account to improve the content on the website.

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    Nice design!

    I'd agree with others regarding the animated icons though - they look nice, but are very distracting from a UX perspective.

    I don't know if you noticed, but when you mouse over your "Get Started" button in the header, the site jumps up and down, creating an annoying glitch.

    1. 1

      I hadn't noticed that the button did that, thank you for mentioning it, I'll fix it!

      1. 1

        No problem and good luck!

  20. 1

    Hi Frank,
    I review your website and looks good to me, Idea is clear and the design, and animation looks smooth.
    Good job

    1. 1

      Thank you for your feedback!

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