What is your secret growth strategy?

Hi everyone,

can anyone share some growth techniques with the community, something that worked for you and can help someone else?

currently I'm working on Nolly.io and any feedback is appreciated

All the best

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    Try Framing effect , This one of the powerful psychologial technique tested and proven

    You "Engage your customers and collect feedback Effortlessly" can be reframed to show your copy in a positive light like "Collect Feedback for your business and create happier customers", "Nolly - Connecting you to your customers"

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      thanks a lot I like the connecting you to your customers
      I have this problem currently that people think that Nolly is another feedback management platform but the aim of Nolly is to facilitate bringing users to product development for much better products ...

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        I checked the landing page . Nice work !

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    A mindset more than a technique.

    Stop trying to be perfect with your brand or product.

    Just ship it and build from there. As you build, document and share your journey. People love it, it helps you and it makes the whole experiment way more fun.

    It started as a mindset and now it's turned into my #1 growth strategy.

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      The more I research, the more I let go of finding an answer and instead say, "Let me try this. Now let my try this. Now let me try this..."

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    I think that, at this point, you need to nail your value proposition before thinking about growth hacks.

    "Engage your customers and collect feedback Effortlessly" sounds too abstract to me. One good question I ask myself before creating a headline is: "How many products can this headline describe"?

    "Engage your customers and collect feedback Effortlessly" could literally describe 100s of SaaS products. Which causes confusion. There's a saying in copywriting: Clarity trumps persuasion. So before you persuade, make it clear about what you offer.

    You said that people think Nolly is another feedback management platform and I don't blame them. When I look at the landing page screenshots (which are way clearer than the headline), it really looks like a feedback management platform. Looking at the features you describe below, they are similar to what other feedback management platforms have. So that's one part to consider as well.

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      yeah true, I'm working to improve that
      thank you for your time

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    The best growth strategy is always, build an audience and engage the audience weekly. Spend 70% of your time building an audience. Then, nudge, nurture and educate the audience weekly, never sell. A percentage will become customers monthly. If your audience is big enough eventually, a small percentage that will become customers monthly turns into good traction.

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      thanks for sharing

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    It really depends on what stage you're at. For brand new products my two biggest learnings that I've been thinking about a lot recently are:

    1. Start to potential customers as early as possible - before you even start building. This helps you even validate if you're even able to acquire customers in the future. In other words, if you're struggling to even find people to speak to, its probably not the right project for you. If I had done this before I could have prevented a lot of wasted time and not even started certain projects.
    2. Think about things on a longer timeframe. Don't go for growth hacks / quick wins, but invest your time and think about your strategy and go out and try to validate it.

    If you've validated your product/market fit and going for scale there are a lot of other things I could share but its very situation dependent, feel free to DM happy to help if I can.

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    I would recommend persistence.

    In the last 12-15 months my biggest eye opener was that I hardly ever see the small changes, but when I look back to, say, a month or two, I can always the change in the numbers.

    Most if not all things I did for growth did not result in immediate growth, but in slow, but steady, and actually compounding growth over time.

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    I'm biased but check out Growth Bites — tons of free, proven strategies

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    Used https://www.joinbuilders.com/ newsletter to reach new people 😉

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