Why are SaaS products not selling? Main reasons?

As here most of the people working on their own projects and doing an excellent job, what is the main reason their product does not sell and they are struggling for a longer time for paid clients?

How to follow the real strategies to attract more customers and win the customers from the free plan to paid!

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    I have been in Micro SaaS ecosystem for some time writing to 20K subs every week and we have a closed group too to discuss more about SaaS ecosystem.

    There are different angles to your question and there are many guides talking about attracting more customers.

    But here I will talk about 3 things that has been working for most Indiehackers.

    1) BuildInPublic:

    BuildInPublic is primarily a strategy to gain traction on social media from what you are doing. You can keep sharing your work progress, stats, revenue details, traffic stats, and churn stats - by just openly building your product. Other examples include - showing variations of landing pages and asking which one users like. All this happens on social media, primarily Twitter. the more people see your updates, the more chances for people to recollect your product when needed. If you are doing this on Twitter, make sure to use hashtags like #buildinpublic and post your updates.

    2) Marketing week and Development week:

    Instead of dedicating entire time for development or marketing, concentrate on both by going aggressively on one of the two in a given week. Pick the other one in the next week. This way you can build your audience and product in parallel.

    3) Side-Project Led growth:

    You must have heard of several growth hacking strategies like sales-led growth, product-led growth, marketing-led growth, etc. Now, the concept of Side-Project led growth is trending among the new SaaS founders. The concept is simple - Create a small side project and launch it everywhere with a few SEO efforts with the goal that this side project will bring in more sales for the main SaaS product.

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      thank you i really like your points and like the concept of 1 week for marketing and next one for development! super

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        More power 💪💪

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      I'd love to see stats for build in public. As a customer I could not care less if you did in public or from your basement, just solve a problem

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        BuildInPublic is more about building traction.

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    SaaS public cloud offerings are experiencing a superb rise. But despite exceptional call for and investment, the rate of SaaS startup failure remains high. According to Failory’s Research, best one out of a hundred newborn agencies becomes a unicorn. Nine greater turn out to be modestly worthwhile, at the same time as 90 others fail to go back cash to the sponsors. How is this viable? https://bestdreambed.co.uk/

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    To get paid customers. a business has to do everything that is needed to get paid customers including

    1. A great service that can attract customers.
    2. Tutorials, documentation, and video tutorials.
    3. Customer support- chat, email, phone, video conversation
    4. A great marketing- SEO, social media, video marketing, and paid marketing

    Most of the time new Saas startups can not do everything quickly and properly. So, they struggle for a long time to get paid customers.

    N.B: Before upgrading freemium to the premium you have to build trust in user minds and you have to prove it will give a good ROI(Return on investment). Then, it's not hard to get paid customers.

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      I have seen the result will be best for those who do these things properly and effectively...

      Now, most to tools are missing on point 2, but 2-second point is the best for your product marketing and sales.

      we will definitely will work on the second point for our SaaS tool churnfree.com


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    -I believe the first thing is to help your audience get started with your product by making sure that your software is easy to use and if not, then proper tutorials should be in place.

    -Education plays a very important role in not only attracting your target audience but also to build a community.

    -Even during free trials it is of utmost importance to solve user issues as soon as possible and to work on their feedback, in this way you can turn them into a paid user.

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