Why followers don't mean revenue

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    In my case followers = revenue. It might depend on the product. 75%+ of traffic to my website comes from twitter

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      funny thing is I just found your product on Twitter via the move away animation.

      it makes sense you have "channel market fit" since many developers want to do screencasts and the product is very visual and lends itself naturally to Twitter

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    Followers ain't revenue in the same way that likes ain't cash.

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    Great article specially this line 'Buying intent is more important than attention and impressions '. Moreover, people now a days have more fake followers than the organic one in a greed of revenue without the intent which for me is a myth that followers means attention, attention grab audience and audience as a result generate revenue.

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    I've never been a big fan of finding an audience on Twitter and have had the same experience as you - LinkedIn is much better. It makes sense if you consider the types of people that use each platform.

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    From my experience, Twitter users do not leave the Twitter app and do not click links from bio to check what you are really doing.

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    For me, having followers equals revenue for RevenueMentor. However, it may vary depending on the product. More than 90% of my website's traffic comes from Twitter and LinkedIn, which have helped us to acquire over 5k users.

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    I broke $10k/mo before I even broke 1k Twitter followers, so yeah.

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    I think visibility is always great. It's difficult to capture people's attention.

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    Good article, I've seen this at a higher scale as well. In one of my ventures, an influencer with 30K followers outsold an influencer with 10M followers.

    The connection and tightness of relationship translates more to revenue than the actual number count.

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    I think this is super important when considering what social media platforms to market on. You need to know where your users are first. No good diluting your efforts across several platforms. Find the one that is going to give you the most money for your effort. Sometimes it won't be clear until you try out different platforms, other times it will be obvious straight away and you can head straight to the right place and start building/engaging with your audience there.

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