Why modern software is so slow

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    The same could be said for macOS it's not specific to Microsoft. As operating systems evolve there are legacy apps that take time to be upgraded to take advantage of the new abstraction layers etc. Web apps are also affected with some sites sending several mb of JavaScript down the wire relying on broadband and fast processors to mask the effects.

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    All OK on my computer :) It's interesting how one article about issues can trigger haters to complain about the company. Microsoft is not ideal, but evil, boomer-like Microsoft is the past.

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    You know something is wrong with the system when a basic clock software is more than 250 mb on Windows. I don't know how they intentionally ignoring these kind of stuff.

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    Runtime broker is a security feature.

    Try a clean account, should be faster. Also, tons of reasons might be slow...

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    Yeah, I think this just shows that Microsoft doesn't prioritize performance even though it could.

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    All Microsoft software is crap! I mean it's 2022 and everything is still running like it's 1995. They won't ever improve it as long as users continue to use it.

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