[XR simulations] Looking for 3D graphics/games programmers.

[Profit Share] Looking to team-up with artists and programmers to create educational AR/VR Space simulations.

Project: To develop educational Space simulations for students (including students from non-affluent background across the world) using Godot Engine for mobile XR. The target platform initially will be Android mobile devices. Down the line, the list of supported platforms will grow as the final goal is to support online collaboration of students for education purpose in virtual world using Space exploration as a theme. The long-term vision is also to extend this project to develop digital twins for the education sector.

Looking for:

3D Games/Graphics Programmers: Experience in some of the following: Godot Engine, Android NDK and SDK, OpenGL-ES, Vulkan, Linux, understanding of Physics, 3D Maths and C++.

Artists: Experience developing assets using tools such as Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, LMMS, Ubuntu Studio, Audacity etc.

My background: I am a polyglot software engineer with experience in C, C++, Qt, Wt, Android NDK, 2D and others. I have worked on projects such as media servers, 40gbps router testers, UI framework for digital cameras, data recovery, SIP telephony, digital PBX systems, NMS servers, porting of Linux telephony applications to video-ip phone, porting of GBA Mortal Kombat DA to Linux phone, enabling graphics driver for GPU, optimising rendering of 2D windowing system of a mobile OS, integrating Android Surface Flinger with graphics driver, etc.

Status of the project: Some companies have already shown interest in the concept and applications and are ready be demo, promote, deploy and sell the applications. Requirements for a simple first demo application are already being finalised.

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