Daily micro-reviews. A system for personal accountability.

For years I have been using a system of daily micro-reviews to keep myself accountable.

I would review the daily micro-reviews every Sunday and write a weekly review.

At the end of every month I would read the weekly reviews and write a short monthly review.

I was doing it using text but thought that it would be so much easier through audio recordings.

I decided to build the system into a product.


It's called 29 Seconds. I wanted to limit the time that you spend recording the reviews so that you would be more likely to stick with it.

iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/ie/app/29-seconds/id1610863668
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.seconds29.android

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    What a cool app! Your visuals are absolutely stunning and the idea seems really valuable. I couldn't get through the tutorial - after clicking on a day, I click on how the day went and nothing happens (except for a quick vibrate).

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      Ah I just came to find this thread to give the exact same feedback - Installed and opened on my Galaxy S21 Ultra. Enjoyed the visuals but also got stuck at the same point - when tapping on 'Today' I can see the emoji-based day summary. When I touch one, the animation runs but nothing happens. I'm running Android v 12 and One UI (Samsung skin) 4.1. I liked the visuals though the animations were a little slow for my taste - if you're selling speed as a key metric,

      I like the concept though. I currently do a check-in like this on Notion (been going about a year now..). I'd be willing to try an audio-format though I am not sure it'll be able to entirely take over my written process. I'll post further thoughts when I get it working.

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      Hi Finereli, really sorry about that. Nobody has mentioned something like that before. Do you mind if I ask what model phone do you use?

      1. 1

        It's a Moto G7. It runs almost stock Android 10, nothing exotic.

        1. 1

          Thanks Eli. I'll try and reproduce it. I haven't officially "launched" yet, so still trying to iron out some issues.

          I've been mostly focused on iOS and it is pretty stable.

          Thanks again.

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    Love this! Especially the color-coded one button play weekly recap.
    Great job with tour and in-app tips! And the "fake reviews" are really helpful.


    1. Rename the "fake reviews" to "demo" or "sample" to avoid the bad connotation.
    2. On an iPhone, the UI doesn't follow Apple's UI guidelines. I don't mind the pill look thought it takes too much vertical real estate, and on the weekly summary, not enough horizontal. Also some fonts are too small and the cog config icon is tiny.
    3. I just installed it so this might be built-in, but adding a color to the background of previous weeks would show a trend.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. 1

      Ah thanks very much Victor! It's still very early days so I have very little feedback, so any that I get is gold...

      1. I hadn't considered the bad connotation of "fake" in that scenario. I'll keep a close eye out for similar feedback.
      2. You're right. It's a mix of Apple and Android stuff because I was building for both whilst keeping the UI the same. I'm hoping that it is not off-putting for either. Do you mind if I ask what phone you have to check the resolution? The font sizes do change based on the screen size.
      3. Yup, the week backgrounds do change to show a trend as you create your weekly reviews. That trend is shown more clearly whenever you tilt your phone to horizontal mode.

      Thanks again!

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    Wow, this looks amazing and the system itself is chef's kiss. :).

    1. 1

      Glad you like it! Love the "chef's kiss" visual 😂

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