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Want to buy an ad in the Indie Hackers newsletter and put your company in front of 80,000+ of the most ambitious people on the planet?

Book an ad placement

🚀 Place an Intro Section ad: 50 words of ad copy in the intro section.

🚀 Place a News Item ad: ~10 words of ad copy (up to 50 characters) in the “In the News” section.


  • Subscribers: 80,200
  • Open rate: 32%
  • Click rate: 1.6%
  • Emails/week: 3

What the placements look like

Intro Section placement

50 words of ad copy in the intro section at the top of the Indie Hackers newsletter. Click here to place an Intro Section ad.

Indie Hackers newsletter sponsorship

News Item placement

50 characters (~10 words) of ad copy as a line item in the "In the News" section of the Indie Hackers newsletter. Click here to place a News Item ad.

Indie Hackers newsletter sponsorship

More details

To see our media kit, which has additional details on our audience, including geography, interests, etc., go here.

You can also email us directly for details: contact@indiehackers.com.

We're going all-in on growing and improving the newsletter, so prices will likely creep up in the near future.

  1. 10

    Not a very IndieHackers friendly pricing.

    1. 1

      Much much cheaper than any other form of advertising.

  2. 8

    What's the pricing?

    1. 1

      Yes, this is a very important questions. I'd like to second it :).

  3. 1

    What is the eligibility to launch our product in IndieHacker

  4. 6

    A 1.5% click rate brings only 1125 visits for $1k. Not really a favorable price.

    1. 1

      that's click rate in the email, not CTA as I see it. This means that you can bring much less visitors.

  5. 4

    This is a great opportunity, I think.

  6. 3

    Hello! the 1.6% clicks are calculated on total opens or total sent? Thanks!

  7. 3

    A couple people commented on the placement. As a subscriber, I actually quite like it. Not too disruptive or visually offensive. It's there if I'm interested and easy to scroll past if I'm not. As a potential advertiser, it feels well-integrated and part of the issue's overall narrative. Great income stream for the newly re-indie IndieHackers!

  8. 3

    I might like to. While the numbers seem to be comparably low, the members or the audience IH has is quite focussed. My money is on it. :)

  9. 3

    Interested. Shouldn't you have an easy purchase system to place ad into your newletter?

    1. 5

      My guess is they want to learn fast about pricing and other things that are much harder to do in a web app for instance.

      I recommend reading "Lean startup" and other startup content to understand why folks make the decisions they do.

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

    2. 2

      I don’t see why that would be a requirement for those that really want to advertise.

      I can see how they prefer to review the ads carefully to consider whether they are valuable to their audience.

  10. 2

    How to increase Indiehackers friendly pricing

  11. 2

    I have 2 concerns.

    1st. As per the Media Kit, there is a breakdown of the number of people from different countries. I would have loved it if there was an option to choose which country I want to target.
    For example: Let's say I wish to target only US + Canada + UK + Australia. That's Just 42.85% of the total user. I don't wish to pay for the remaining 57.15% of the audience who I am not targeting.

    2nd. I would love to know if these 74,200 subscribers are users or founders or C-level executives. As a B2B business owner, My Ads works best with C-level executives or Founders but not so much with others.

    I would love to pay & promote my business if these things can be managed. Otherwise, it will not be that effective for me.
    Anyone else feels the same?

  12. 2

    Anyone can share the data if you have done the promotion?

  13. 2

    I emailed - never got a reply lol

  14. 2

    Yes I want to do this, how can I buy it in a very easy way?

  15. 1

    can I pay with !,000 dollar cents...?


  16. 1

    $1000 dollars is probably a bit high for early stage solopreneur : )

  17. 1

    steep but in line with what I'm seeing for most tech newsletter placements these days

  18. 1

    Looks good to begin with !

  19. 1

    CTR is good but overall it pricey.

  20. 1

    Would like to know some details but never got reply from their team, I guess they are loosing a lot of audiences because of their pricing policy

  21. 1

    Good opportunity, I think.

  22. 1

    I am building a marketplace that helps startups getting funded - do you have data points showing how many of the subscribers that are raising capital?

  23. 1

    It should be very powerfull in the right hands.

  24. 1

    Interesting! How does the pricing work?

  25. 1

    The click rate is quite low IMO

  26. 1

    Great Post, while he numbers are also good

  27. 1

    Hmmm the audience is big, this is true but I don't like how the sponsor information is presented. To me, it looks very unnoticeable. It's not a surprise that the open rate is so low.

  28. 1

    does anyone have at least a starting pricing for a one-time feature?

  29. 1

    Numbers are pretty low? A system like PostApex's can be good. This newsletter also can be there. postapex.com

    Or at Boosts: beehiiv.com/newsletter-solutions/monetize/boosts

  30. -4

    This comment has been voted down. Click to show.

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