What do you think about our new website?

I just launched my first website built in Webflow for Planzer.io

I would love to get some feedback from you, both the copywriting makes sense and explains the product well.

But also the overall UX of the website, is it easy to navigate around?

Thank you so much in advance, I really appreciate it.

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    Its looks great but I feel you could benefit from screenshots of the product or a video using it. I personally really like how https://conjure.so/ did it.

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      Thank you so much for the suggestion, it's duly noted :-)

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      Thank you! I I’m James, the guy building https://conjure.so and a fellow indie hacker. I poured far too much time into recording and editing that video, particularly the iPhone overlay part :)

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        I think it's well worth it. Your work overall is very cool.

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        Well done James! It looks awesome!

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    Hi.., the website looks great ...however, I do have a few observations..

    1. It's a tad too long a scroll.

    2. The hero section looks slightly less worked upon design wise. A slight pattern or may be some element to accentuate the hero section might help in keeping 0.000something percent of people clued till the next section

    3. A rhetoric question like "Want to make your life simpler by planning your tasks and managing your projects?" in the hero section may help you connect the user's problem with your solution.

    4. Also maybe you may consider the floating menu which will keep you CTA in view. Or alternatively keep the CTA in between the spread as well

    5. Your 'Features' and 'Use Cases' have different hover action. Is it intended ?

    These are some of the things that I could quickly summarize. Just my opinion though.

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      Thank you so much Kaus. Very useful, and I truly do appreciate it.

      Thank you for taking your time. I'll make these changes. :-)

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    Hey Philipp, great work here, love the aesthetic overall.

    Only on my cell rn, so can’t check things with dev tools. One thing I noticed is the width on the goal module section seems to be off for mobile.

    I agree with Kaus2122 about the floating menu, seems like a more user-friendly approach in this case.

    Keep it up, tons of good feedback here!

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      Thank you so much for this. I need to get that fixed.
      Have a wonderful Sunday.

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    Bad: websites built with Webflow are very slow, so I'll ignore this issue for now.
    There are a few things I can suggest you add to your blog posts.
    Table of Content (TOC)
    Subscribe Us Section
    I personally really like how https://princemodapk.com/ did it.

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      Thank you so much for the suggestion, I really agree with the table of content part 🙌

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    Hi Phillip,

    You have created an astonishing website.

    I must say, it is impressive. The website speed is nice.

    There are a few things I can suggest you add to your blog posts.

    1. Breadcrumbs
    2. Table of Content (TOC)
    3. Subscribe Us Section

    By the way, one thing I need to know, Is Webflow better than WordPress?

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      I really agree with the Table of Content. Thank you for mentioning this!

      Webflow is not better than WordPress yet, in my opinion.

      WordPress has many great plugins, which are much more optimised than Webflow at this point. Though Webflow is slowly getting closer and closer, there is still a long way to go both UX-wise and optimisation-wise.

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    Love it! Very simple, which is a plus.
    Maybe speed up the animations when you scroll, they're a bit slow for my taste :)

    GL tho!

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      Thank you so much.

      I agree, I need to look at those animations.

      1. 1

        I'd take it one step further: eliminate all animation except on the one or two items (CTAs generally) that you want to grab attention with

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    Hey Philip, I made a quick screen share for you. Hope this helps. https://a.cl.ly/12uLnDjO

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      Wow, Jason, I feel so honoured that you spent time making a video for me. 🙏

      Super helpful tips you've come up with. It's so awesome. I've realised I need to work a lot on my copy.

      Thank you so much for highlighting the issues and taking the time.

      I do have a Monday.com integration, and I just had to pull it back because of some issues. It'll be live again very soon.

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    It looks same as i saw it yesterday? Visually it looks good.

    Who is your audience? is it the people who are deciding between which planning app to use? or the people who are already using several apps and need one stop app to get data from your services.

    Your copy as it stands today is catering to the first categary of people. I think your app is really valuable to second categary of people however although it is shown in the diagram that multiple services are present as integrations that is not coming out as a central message right now to me. I am not a copywriter and i don't know how to make it such that both the points are highlighted.

    Also add video to demonstrate the app.

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      It is yes, I just didn't share it publicly in a post, I thought today was the day 😅

      My audience which I'm focusing on right now are freelancers. I've worked as a freelancer myself and I know what a hurdle it is when every client is using different project management tools.

      And as there aren't team functionality in it, that's why I'm focusing on building a planning app for individuals here and now.

      You're absolutely right I need to work on my copywriting.

      The video demonstration app is duly noted.

      Thank you so so much for your feedback!

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    I liked your website, Very neat and clean design.
    Easy to understand contents.

    Reduce empty space between sections. (Lots of blank space)
    An explainer video is also missing - (there are lots of people like me who prefer to watch videos)
    Add testimonials

    1. 2

      Thank you for your feedback. I need to take a look at the whitespace.
      Explainer video I completely agree.

      For the testimonials I would love to, but I don't have any paying customers at the moment, so no one to ask yet. But hopefully soon! :-)

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    Hey Phillip! Great idea I must admit;) Happy to leave my 5 cents here:

    • I am not sure if it's to do with my screen's resolution, but I have quite a few large gaps between the blocks, which take up almost half of the screen: between 'plan your work' button and 'track your progress' block, between 'track your progress' and 'integrations' blocks, and between 'goal module' and 'articles' blocks (unfortunately cannot attach screenshots here). It just looks like A LOT of white/blank space to me. It's very subjective though!
    • You have two CTAs in the hero block, which are 'Get Started' and 'Start planning your day', and the only time I see any mention about '14 days free trial' is a small button in the very very end of the landing page. I would personally change 'Start planning your day now' to 'Start your 14 days free trial now' --> people want to see that right-away, imho.
    • The very first sentence that pops in front of my eyes is the main catch-phrase 'Best planning app for individuals'. I am no copy-writing guru, but I am not sure if there is a need to put emphasis on the words 'for individuals'. I would probably leave it as 'Your best planning app', or I would use words that describe value added by your product, such as 'All in one planning app', 'Tasks aggregator', etc. Something that would make me realize right away that your app enables me to connect/integrate my other apps, such as notion, trello, outlook.

    Hope it helps! Best of luck!:)

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      Thank you, and thank you so much for your feedback.

      The whitespacing I've hear some times now, so I definitely need to change that.

      Thank you for the CTA suggestion. I need to try and A/B test that, you might be very right!

      Yes again you're right. Copywriting is not one of my strengths, I need to find someone to help me here.

      Thank you so so much, it's very valuable!

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        Always welcome! Glad I could be of any help! Overall looks very neat, considering you did everything on your own :O

        1. 1

          Thank you so much for the kind words 🙌

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

    1. 1

      Thank you so much.

      And thank you for the feedback. The reason for Planzer.io is because Planzer has a patent on the name as far as I'm aware.

      I couldn't agree more about the copywriting. It's definitely something I need to improve drastically.

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        This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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          Thank you so much Julien. I might take you up on your offer.

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